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Earlier this year post Iso & Pre Iso 2.0... 

We spent some time with the Incredible talent of Frankie Pan, local Melbourne photographer, to capture our latest collections in a climate to suit our current way of life.

Who knows if this will be the last "Lockdown" we experience, or if things will ever go back to the way they were. Let's hope not TBH, because, well f@#k, it wasn't that great before!  The only way is forward, being kind to each other and kind to ourselves. This feature is to give you guys an opportunity to see the pieces as we see them. A form or expression, lockdown or not, wear what you wanna wear!

There's more to life than Ugg Boots and PJ's!!

Featuring new season products by AF Artefact (Osaka, Japan), T.A.S (Tokyo, Japan), Devoa (Tokyo, Japan) & Wizzard (Tokyo, Japan).

Along with stunning handmade pieces from local Brissy Silversmith, Jess Blak.

All pieces featured on this shoot are available on our website for purchase, while stocks last. Nothing is ever restocked, so if you love it.. buy it.


PHOTOGRAPHER // Frankie Pan -

MODELS // Jessy Stoneham & Tai Nguyen

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