by Creative Director

So.. it finally happened. 2020 couldn't stop us (indefinitely..)  Our big showcase launch, originally scheduled for March, suffered four postponements before a successful event was held on Nov 7th at BSIDE Gallery.

AF Artefact, Osaka Japan
T.A.S, Tokyo Japan
Jess Blak, Qld Australia
Wizzard, Tokyo Japan
Devoa, Tokyo Japan

The idea behind the Showcase Event, is to see and experience our pieces in person.  While we are an online only business, we do understand that sometimes, you just want to try it on first!  Each season (SS and FW), we plan to host an event just like this one.

Our first event was killer! No pun intended..  A Massive Thank You to all who braved the big bad Covid World, to join us for an ASAHI and say Hi.  

We were honored to have local DJ's // Nishant Null & Edward Richards (https://soundcloud.com/edwardrichardskv) - Playing 6hrs, B2B Dark Ambient, Industrial, Techno, to really set the scene.  THANK YOU!

And to the LASTLY Crew - Jessy Stoneham, Frankie Pan, Sophie Harle, Harley Gates & Karthick Sundara for their tireless efforts throughout the day/night, without them the event wouldn't have happened!

The whole event was supported by ASAHI Australia, and Melbourne Backline (https://www.melbournebackline.com/).  So so grateful to them for supporting a local small business. 


Looking forward to seeing you all at our next event in 2021!




All images courtesy of Frankie Pan (http://effpan.com/) & Taran S

Event held at BSIDE Gallery (https://bsidegallery.com/)

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