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 Daisuke Nishida, Devoa


Daisuke Nishida is the artist behind the Japanese high end fashion label ‘Devoa’, Now Exclusive to Lastly in Australia. Showing his seasonal collections in Paris since 2009, Daisuke developed the fundamentals of construction from his grandfather who was a tailor, starting with no formal instruction in fashion design, but rather basing his experiences as a former athlete and medical instructor into the understanding of both bodily structure and materials utilization. 

Anatomical human arm in leather by Daisuke Nishida of DEVOA

Anatomical human arm in leather by Daisuke Nishida of DEVOA


The core design element for his pieces has always been on the relationship between clothes and the human body, forming structured garments with precise scrutiny to the movement of muscle and the feel on the skin. This comprehension grasp of the body combined with the Nichida’s dedication to working directly with the very best Japanese traditional artisans and fabric mills, results in a pure, timeless and borderless aesthetic.

Olmetex Composite Jacket, part of Devoa SS20 Collection

The Devoa brand prides itself on its foundation, rejecting mainstream ideas and conventions of mass production. Instead, working with small-scale Japanese factories and using traditional materials such as the ‘Washi’, a Japanese paper that has long been used in Kimonos and Buddhist robes. Nishida makes great effort to cause and enable a personal relationship between the wearer and the materials developed. 

Washi Dolman Sleeve Shirt, part of Devoa SS20 Collection


Devoa’s staple pieces include lapel-less blazers with fluid forms, and anatomic pieces cut to permit the highest amount of movement. High, structured shoulders add severity to their tailored pieces, while slim, non-traditional cuts retain a modern and youthful form. Devoa works with natural, organic colors, ranging from moss-greens through many shades of grey to charcoals and blacks. Similarly, Nishida favors organic materials such as linen blends, Japanese denim and soft wool.


Cotton Silk Blazer, part of Devoa SS20 Collection


Devoa is now available exclusively to Lastly in Australia.  Importing a handful of designer pieces each season which perfectly capture the brand's core values, and Daisuke's elegant design intent. 

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