by Creative Director

Back before I started LASTLY, my life was that of a standard day to day corporate.  My background is actually Interior Design, specializing in commercial furniture.  As a creative I really struggled with the "Corporate Culture", and especially what was deemed acceptable in terms of attire.  Why can't I dress for work the way I do in my own time? 

LASTLY has a strong Japanese Streetwear aesthetic, but there is also a place within the ranges to cater to those corporates looking to add a little personal flavor to their wardrobe.

Structured pieces that can easily be paired with tailored items, leather brogues, and a commuters backpack.  Take said pieces, throw them together with a hot pair of Rick Owens Ramones, an oversized tee and silver hardwear, and damn, you set for after 5 and weekend vibes.  

So, as a fellow "corporate" I hear you and each season pieces are specifically selected for You to cater to this niche area of your wardrobe.  Pieces such as the Crömagnon Blazer, Cropped Pants and Washi Dolman Sleeve Top from DEVOA, Leather Backpack, the Body Bag from T.A.S, Mockneck Twist Cotton Knit, or the Dead Ringer Belt from Söderberg.

All subtle nods to your personal style, a way to embrace the real you everyday - even at work. 



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