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Yoshiki Takatsuka graduated from Osaka Culture and Clothing University and worked as a designer, sewer and pattern worker for a local clothes maker. In 2009 he created the men's brand A.F HOMME. In 2016 this evolved into the unisex line we know as A.F ARTEFACT. The brand made a new start with the collection launched in Paris.



"Real clothes made with design and subjective reality", is the base concept of this brand using relaxed and comfortable materials, and make creations that have a form and lean and long balance that will show the personality of each individual wearing them. AF ARTEFACT does not follow the trend, and is always continuing its unique style based on black and dark tone colors.




In 2018 I had the pleasure of meeting Yoshiki San in his Osaka studio. We may have experienced a language barrier, but we connected on many other levels. One in particular... our shared love of Techno! After reviewing his latest collection together, I commented on how much I liked the music he was listening to. He looked at me with a huge smile on his face and said "I like Techno!" So do I Yoshiki, so do I!


BELOW // AF Artefact 2021 FW Collection Video

Scheduled to arrive AUG 21



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