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Earlier this year, amongst lockdowns and border closures, somehow LASTLY had a pop up in Darling Square, Haymarket Syd. NSW.  Thanks to Dan Jackson and the crew at Edition Roasters we had an incredible space to showcase our wares. 

Scandinavia and Japan are half a world apart, but Edition Roasters combines the two cultures seamlessly.  This organic all black fit-out is moody sophistication at its best. Designed by Amber Road, its reflective polished render deviates from inky indigoes to warmer brown hues depending on light filtration through the ethereal charcoal cotton drops. A deciduous maple, integrated into a timber planter, changes colour alongside the seasonal menu. Charred timbers and painted walls, complement the smell of smokey coffee beans and rich yet simple family recipes on offer.

With a background in Interior Design (and a die hard coffee fanatic), it was these moody Japanese elements that stole my heart and forced me to consider an across boarders event.


So after a few likeminded conversations with Dan, Luke and Han, I decided to pack up my Collingwood Atelier and hit the road!  Accompanied by my partner in crime, Ms Jessy Stoneham, we made a vacation out of the experience.  There is a Solid 9hrs between Melbourne and Sydney and I was absolutely prepared.  We started the day (at 7am) with The Forgotten Podcast Series CCXXXI: Templər. Sweet music to our ears.  Followed by Black Asteroid - Amsterdam (Melkweg) 181019- RTE 2FM to boost our momentum - both found on Soundcloud.  

After a quick pitstop in Albury for lunch we decided to take a break from the tunes and listen to a fantastic podcast from Eugene Rabkin aka StyleZeitgeist called "Sex with Rick Owens".  The title in itself was enough to spark intrigue.  The episode goes into detail about the role of sex and death in his life, and about his journey from the Los Angeles underground to his life now as one of the most celebrated and influential fashion designers today.  Definitely worth a listen!  

Lastly (no pun intended..) we hammered through the last 3hrs of the drive with the help of ANFS - Siagona Mix.  Not for the faint hearted, this mix had us Flying!

The weekend was spent meeting some incredible Haymarket residents, small business owners, fashion enthusiasts, models (@rachelteetyler), photographers (@everylastsecond), and their pets!  The whole experience was something I don't think any of us had had from such a long time.  Public events, Live Music, Exhibitions, even just a meal at your favorite restaurant or cafe is so hard to come by now that we savored every moment, taking the time to converse and share our mutual love of Japanese and German Fashion. 

Some footage below from the weekend: Soundtrack by Gesaffelstein

We had an absolute blast at this event, and cannot thanks the guys enough for their hospitality! Luke, Dan, Han, Darling Square, THANK YOU!


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