D.HYGEN FW 2021-22 Presents “PULSATION”

by Creative Director

Lastly is proud to present D.HYGEN FW 2021-22 Season Concept “PULSATION”.

The collection was named “PULSATION”, inspired by the tension of the signs of life. Various “signs of animal life”, including human being of elements such as blood flowing through blood vessels, skin tissue, hair are expressed in details, materials, colours, and patterns.

It will be an organic collection as a metaphor that expresses the regeneration of “death” to “life” that makes you feel the breath of animals. Features from the collection include the use of a mixture of organic materials such as cashmere, wool, leather, mouton and fur, and natural materials (cotton, linen).  The Seasonal colour “BLOOD RED”, seen in the below photography, represents the image of blood in various states (flowing fresh blood, dry blood and stagnant blood).  And while Lastly only stocks these items in black, it opens the door to an idea of the way in which these garments may be worn.

Complex and three-dimensional pattern cutting created by visualising the flow of vessels and skeletal structures of bones.  It is composed of a new image of D.HYGEN, which is a mixture of a relaxed silhouette with more volume than before and a tight silhouette.


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